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Partial Care Program

Partial Care Program (PCP)

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MLB Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), often referred to as a day treatment program, we offer outpatient addiction treatment services, including drug counseling and both individual and group therapy. Our PHP program also ensures access to medical care and necessary medication when required. In cases where immediate medical attention is needed, we maintain a close collaboration with hospital centers to ensure individuals receive the urgent assistance they require. Rest assured that our PHP program provides easy access to higher levels of care if such a transition becomes necessary.

Partial care, a component of our PHP program, typically takes place in a professional medical or therapeutic setting, which may include clinics or private facilities. Patients commit to attending sessions five days a week, with each session lasting at least four hours. These sessions encompass a range of therapeutic activities, including individual and group therapy, medication management, life skills training, and other interventions aimed at equipping patients with healthy coping strategies and deepening their understanding of their behaviors.

The duration of participation in our partial care programs varies based on individual needs, ranging from two weeks to several months. However, it’s important to note that most programs typically conclude within a 90-day timeframe. Moreover, we emphasize the customization of treatment plans to align with each individual’s distinct needs and objectives, ensuring that their time spent in our partial care programs is maximally beneficial and supportive of their recovery journey.





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